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It’s Time to Get Serious About Education

The following piece reflects the insight and thoughts of teachers currently in the classroom, with instruction levels ranging from Kindergarten to High School, rather than former teachers who have been far removed. The teachers include Barbara Iwunze, a High School French Teacher, Christina Nguyen, a Kindergarten Teacher, Negai Familia, a 4th Grade Teach, Sheree Kelly, a K-2 Multigrade Christian School Teacher, and Raisa Bryan, a K-5th STEM Plus Enrichment Teacher. Each teacher has 5+ years of experience and is truly invested in the education of our youth.

Education is one of the foundational layers that keep our global society running. We invest in things that we want to sustain us and things that continue to be impactful throughout generations. Investing in education is just that. It is important to invest in education because we are shaping the future of our world. Our children grow up to be our doctors, teachers, firefighters, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more. Without any form of education, no one would be able to successfully perform their job. Not only does education open doors to new opportunities, but it is also a part of the growing process. Read More..

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