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My Sister's Keeper: Women Building Community

The world can be dehumanizing and a silencing space for women. Despite this, women have worked tirelessly to keep each other afloat. Women find strength in community. One great way to create community is through mentoring. Through mentorship, we can create spaces that understand and appreciate who we are. Women continue to face challenges that affect us daily. Even though our contributions to home, church, work, etc. are significant, we are made to feel inferior, less than, or invisible. Despite these external obstacles we face as women in society, we can take steps to counteract them in our lives and the lives of those around us. The best method for coping with these negative experiences is to affirm ourselves in places and spaces that have never affirmed womanhood. We start by acknowledging our personal experiences, allowing them to shape our view of self and engage in healing work. We do this by developing trusting relationships, and being around women as mentors and guides to understand ourselves. Rea More…

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