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KDJohn Book Club

Be a part of an amazing book club- a community of book lovers and people who want to learn, grow, and succeed in life by reading some fantastic books and stories by awesome authors that inspire, encourage, and motivate!

"A book is a gift you can open again and again" - Garrison Keillor

I've always wanted to create a book a club-a place where people who love to read, like me, can immerse themselves in a book, gain more inspiration, increase their understanding and create even more opportunities in their lives by learning from others. This is why I put together the KDJohn Book Club, to create space for fellow bookworms to come together, read, share and inspire one another.

KDJohn Book Club: About Me

Reasons to Join



Be part of a strong community while we hold each other accountable and push each other to complete and implement what we've read.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Build your mental toughness and expand your mind as we read a variety of books, genres and topics.

Arm Around Shoulder


Get support with reading, tips on how to read more effectively, and even opportunities to join any book writing challenges and courses.

KDJohn Book Club: Team Members


From the Source

I'm so happy about being in this book club. I feel a sense of belonging--connected to other members, and I love reading books that relate to me and my experience as a Black woman, young professional, and Nigerian American. I also appreciate being challenged, as a couple of the books we've read in the club are not books I would ordinarily reach for on the shelf. My favorite part is coming together to discuss after we've completed the book!

Victoria Adeniran

Being a part of the KDJohn book club has been a great experience. We’re always reading something interesting, and it’s nice to be able to discuss the books with everyone at the end. I really enjoy how it makes reading a more social and collaborative activity.

Lori Neal

The KDJohn book club is great for any reader or those who like audiobooks. We vote on the upcoming book, KDJohn sets up a simple reading schedule, she checks in with us, and then we meet to chat about the book. We can also chat with each other as we are reading the book. What more could you ask for?

Ayana Barrow

KDJohn Book Club: Testimonials
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